The school will start on July 11th and will end on July 24th.
The school room will be located at the University campus in Kielce (Building G, ul. Swietokrzyska 15, room B2).

The deadline for early registration is 1st June 2016.
The deadline for late registration is 3 July 2016.

Payment of the registration fee (400 PLN) can be made via bank transfer to the following account until 3 July:
Polskie Towarzystwo Astronomiczne
ul. Bartycka 18
00-716 Warszawa

Polish citizen: 93 1160 2202 0000 0000 2906 0524
Foreign countries: IBAN: PL 93 1160 2202 0000 0000 2906 0524
                         SWIFT:  BIGBPLPW
entitled: "Cosmology Kielce - Your name and surname" for example "Cosmology Kielce - John Smith".

Within the European Union, transfers take just a few days, but can be somewhat longer from outside.
In any case, bring proof of the transfer and give it to the school secretariat during registration in Kielce.

In order to receive an invoice on behalf of a company or organisation you must state this in e-mail to LOC.

Visa Information

The conditions for entry to Poland vary according to nationality. Please check with the Polish embassy in your country about the specific papers, if any, you personally need in order to participate to Second Cosmology School 2016 in Kielce.
Please note that we can only give further support if you are properly registered to the school.
Second Cosmology School 2016 organisers cannot take responsibility for unsuccessful visa applications or intervene against any decision made by the embassies.
If you need the Letter of Invitation please send us the Letter of Recommendation from your Supervisor to our School contact e-mail.

Grant Information
Depending on the school funding, a limited number of available fee waivers may be available. We are sorry, but there is no funding available for travel, food, accommodations, or other expenses.
Some more possibilities of financial support may appear later - please stay tuned.

If you have problems with the registration form please let us know.